SEE Holding, the UAE’s first sustainably focused global holding group, consolidates to spearhead 2050 net zero ambitions.

  • Backed by two decades of sustainability success, SEE Holding is led by Eng. Faris Saeed as Chairman and CEO & Salah Habib as Deputy CEO, and consolidates leading business expertise to deliver enhanced value.
  • SEE Holding’s group includes The Sustainable City (TSC), Diamond Developers, Tadweer, City Solar, and other revenue-generating companies focused on designing, investing in, and building sustainable infrastructure and cities to accelerate the transition towards a net zero emissions future.
  • SEE Holding is actively engaged in the development of three upcoming sustainable cities in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Yiti, Muscat. This will enable the company’s prospective project portfolio to accommodate potentially over 100,000 individuals.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 13 October 2023: Leveraging more than two decades of sustainability knowledge and expertise in creating social, environmental, and economic impact, SEE Holding Ltd has consolidated its divisions and assets to solidify its business structure and further its commitment to spearheading a net zero emissions future.

The See Holding group includes companies such as The Sustainable City (TSC) – a recognized working model for future cities, Diamond Developers, City Solar, and Tadweer, alongside other revenue-generating companies focused on designing, investing in, and building sustainable infrastructure and cities to advance the UN 2050 net zero emissions targets.

Eng. Faris Saeed, Chairman & CEO of SEE Holding, said: “The consolidation of our portfolio of companies into one sustainability-focused global holding group is an important milestone. At SEE Holding, we don’t want to just reduce our emissions; we want to create opportunities for others to do the same. And while we remain dedicated to contributing to the UAE’s sustainability agenda, our vision extends beyond borders to achieve a global impact in spearheading a net zero emissions future to achieve the 2050 targets today and contribute to the United Nations SDGs. This isn’t just business growth; it’s the growth of a promise – a commitment to forging a world where humanity and nature thrive in harmonious coexistence, paving the way to a safer and more prosperous world for our children and future generations.”

Salah Habib, Deputy CEO of SEE Holding, and CEO of SEE Developers, added: “As a fully integrated, sustainable holding group, SEE Holding is well- positioned with the right capabilities, knowledge, and experience to accelerate climate action. This consolidation allows us to streamline our processes and deliver on our promises more effectively, driving both our business growth and impact across social, environmental, and economic sustainability. And while we are committed to reducing emissions, we are equally passionate about creating substantial economic opportunities around the world and empowering partners on the global journey towards net zero.”

Together, the SEE Holding subsidiaries create ‘live-work-thrive’ communities designed to offer the highest quality of life while minimizing emissions. The Sustainable City (TSC) in Dubai not only surpasses its emissions targets but has also consistently been rated as the happiest community in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) by the Dubai Land Department at the 2022 Gulf Real Estate Awards. TSC Dubai houses SEE Institute’s net zero emissions building, which works closely with SEE Holding on the company’s R&D programs. TSC Dubai is also home to Sanad Village, [the world’s largest rehabilitation and educational facility for individuals with autism and other related disorders.

Currently, SEE Holding is developing and investing in three new sustainable cities in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Muscat, which will expand its real estate population capacity to over 23,000 people, with a potential project pipeline that can accommodate a population exceeding 100,000 people.

By leveraging the group’s expertise and proven track record in achieving sustainability success, SEE Holding empowers other industry players to reach their net-zero targets, unlocking in-country value, creating jobs and promoting a circular green economy. SEE Holding also provides comprehensive advisory services related to achieving net zero targets by sharing best practice across various industries.