Building the infrastructure and cities of tomorrow

SEE Enviro strategically invests in assets that deliver sustainable solutions in the crucial sectors of Food, Energy, Water, and Waste. These investments drive transformative change in society, lessen harmful impact upon the environment and are balanced by a commitment to generate value for all stakeholders.

Advancing urban food security

SEE Food prioritizes food security and independence by providing innovative and sustainable solutions for urban farming and other means of food production, encouraging consumers to be involved in production processes. SEE Food embraces AgTech solutions and facilitates partnerships between producers and consumers that lead to commercially viable production systems which provide nutritious, high-quality and chemical-free food. By encouraging food growth locally farm-to-table distance and waste are greatly reduced.

Empowering gensumers

SEE Energy’s strategy aims to reposition developments from being energy dependent to energy independent and eventually, produce surplus energy.

SEE Energy deploys the latest distributed renewable energy technologies and resources on site. This allows developments to generate as well as export energy, enabling end users to play a more pro-active role in the energy mix becoming ‘gensumers’. Smart systems also provide gensumers with the ability to trade and share power, which makes energy use visible and tangible and therefore more personal.

Conserving and preserving water

SEE Water recognizes the crucial importance of water conservation, preservation, and sanitation, both for maintaining a balanced ecosystem and for achieving net zero emissions.

Key to SEE Water's strategy is the reduction of water waste, which is achieved by reusing grey water for irrigation purposes and implementing water-saving devices inside homes.

SEE Water embraces new technology enhancing the water cycle and explores sourcing and harvesting potable water using cutting-edge technology (like humidity harvesting) to ensure water security.

Transforming waste into a resource

Transforming urban waste from a problem to a solution, SEE Waste reduces the negative ecological impact of all waste streams. Waste volume is reduced with upstream management, which involves raising awareness and education programs as well as installing domestic waste sorting facilities, making good practices easy to adopt.

Tadweer, the company’s waste management arm, conducts waste collection, ensuring that each waste stream is correctly sorted avoiding landfill and disruption of ecological balance.

Organic waste is transformed into biogas (a source of energy) and soil enhancement products. Sewage is turned to treated water used for irrigation and valuable non-organic materials are collected for recycling supporting a circular economy.

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