Visionary solutions that allow people to live in harmony with the natural environment

SEE Energy introduce a disruptive model for the way in which new and existing developments are perceived. The company encourages the ‘gensumer’ movement, allowing consumers to become generators of energy at the same time. This personalises their energy use, making it more visible and tangible.

SEE Energy adopt and pilot the latest technologies in demand side management (DSM) and we prioritise renewable energy production and storage. SEE Energy equip developments with smart systems such as micro-grids to enable off-grid and positive energy capabilities. Smart systems also provide gensumers with the ability to trade and share power.

SEE Energy strategy aims to reposition developments from being energy dependent to energy independent and eventually, producing surplus energy, thus becoming energy positive. SEE Energy deploys the latest distributed renewable energy technologies and resources on site. This facilitates the development to generate as well as export energy, enabling end users to play a more pro-active role in the energy mix.

SEE Energy manage demand, aiming for the highest possible energy efficiencies and the lowest energy use intensities. The company optimises DSM through passive design elements like suitable orientation to balance the impact on cooling and heating with sunlight requirements. DSM is also achieved through the selection of building materials that minimise thermal transmittance and use high performing and durable insulation as well as reflective paints and thermal windows. Continually challenging its own energy utilisation index to reduce the amount of energy needed per metre squared, SEE Energy deploys the latest energy saving appliances, cooling and heating technologies and lighting.

SEE Energy delivers on net zero carbon targets through diverse renewable energy solutions. The sun’s energy is harvested during the day using photovoltaic (PV) solar panels mounted on rooftops and parking areas, while concentrated solar plants (CSP) maximise the heat of the sun’s radiation to produce electricity. The company also integrates biogas solutions to produce electricity by converting organic waste through anaerobic digestion. SEE Energy implements other renewable technologies such as micro wind turbines, geothermal and biomass and are continually exploring the latest innovations in this area. SEE Energy introduce intelligent software platforms to manage the energy flow within the development. Microgrids optimise both the generation on site as well as the required load, while integrating battery energy storage solutions (BESS) to achieve a more balanced, resilient and reliable grid. The company also designs power sharing platforms, whereby onsite renewable electricity is owned by and exchanged between gensumers. SEE Energy offers visionary solutions that allow people to live in harmony with the natural environment, consuming as little energy as possible and contributing to their own energy needs. Gensumers will be also benefit economically from new revenue streams through renewable energy, reduced energy bills and operational costs. They will also fulfil their environmental responsibilities through reduced or net zero carbon footprints.