Shaping the future of farming and food production

SEE Food change the way farming and food production are perceived, opening opportunities for positive contribution rather than only consumption. SEE Food’s production strategies encourage the rise of ‘prosumers’, allowing farming to become more personalised and engaging consumers in food production.

SEE Food integrate farming in the urban design of new cities, making it an integral component of the masterplan. The company embraces Agricultural Technology (AgTech) and facilitates partnerships between producers and consumers that lead to commercially viable production systems.

SEE Food produce and distribute nutritious, high-quality and chemical-free food locally, achieving farm-to-table goals and reducing food waste.

Through strategic urban planning, SEE Food enable food production within cities providing space and resources in communal areas as well as inside homes. Urban dwellers who are traditionally solely food consumers are able join the prosumer movement – producing and consuming food – by growing their own leafy green products, vegetables and fruits with lowimpact, high-tech and sustainable methods.

SEE Food adopt and pilot cutting edge AgTech solutions providing the infrastructure for them to operate within as well as the consumer base to help them to reach commercial success. SEE Food advocate socially-just food systems where producers and consumers benefit from reciprocal trade. Farm-to-table goals, which aim to shorten the distance between farm and table, thus reducing transportation and cold storage requirements as well as damage and waste, are a key part of SEE Food’s strategy. Achieving such goals also increases the quality of the food because fresher produce has higher nutrient quality. Furthermore, a commitment to avoiding the use of toxic chemicals has additional benefits to the entire food chain and supports overall sustainability targets.