Transforming waste into a resource

SEE Waste works to reduce waste volume through upstream management. We do this through raising awareness and education. We also equip our cities with sorting facilities inside homes, making good practices easy to adopt

We design and implement innovative solid waste management systems that support a circular economy and the continual use of resources. Through our waste management arm, Tadweer, we optimise waste collection, ensuring that each waste stream is correctly sorted avoiding landfill and disruption of ecological balance.

Our sustainable waste management solutions turn organic waste into biogas (a source of energy) and soil enhancement products; sewage into treated water; and valuable non-organic materials into recyclables.

At SEE Waste, we're turning concepts into reality, offering practical and innovative solutions to urban waste management. Our vision includes transforming homes into micro hubs of waste sorting and reduction, making the practice of waste management more accessible and user-friendly. By introducing sorting facilities in households, we empower residents to take an active role in managing their waste, contributing to volume reduction and effective recycling.

We also employ cutting-edge technology to manage solid waste efficiently, reinforcing the principles of a circular economy. Through our waste management arm, Tadweer, we enhance waste collection and sorting. Our approach ensures that waste is not just discarded but sorted correctly, minimizing landfill usage and protecting our ecological balance.

With a strong focus on turning waste into valuable resources, our strategies include the transformation of organic waste into biogas and soil enhancement products. This not only provides a sustainable source of energy but also promotes healthier soil for agriculture.

Similarly, we process sewage into treated water, further contributing to the conservation of our water resources. Non-organic materials are recycled, thereby reducing waste and supporting sustainable production.

At SEE Waste, we are putting waste to work, turning the problem into the solution, and taking significant strides towards a sustainable, net zero emissions future.