Streamlining 2050 Expertise

NZE Solutions is an advisory service offering innovative and technology-driven solutions to adopt the best practices for achieving net zero emissions. The range of diverse solutions utilize the latest research and strategies, are tailored to specific needs and are applicable across any climatic region. NZE Solutions enables net zero emissions across six categories:

NZE Solutions enable food production aligned with local food independence strategies, aiming for 100% food security. Vertical farming and other Ag-tech innovations are increasingly deployed and residents are encouraged to be involved in on-site production through urban farming.

Through a diverse renewable energy mix, NZE Solutions encourage the ‘gensumer’ movement, enabling consumers to become generators of energy. Demand-side management is optimized by combining passive and active design. Smart systems facilitate off-grid use, energy storage solutions and the ability to share power.

NZE Solutions advocate water conservation, with design solutions to reduce water consumption using water-saving devices. Potable water is sourced from alternate sources and wastewater is recycled according to local site conditions.

NZE Solutions consider upstream and downstream emissions of all products and conduct lifecycle assessment of products and materials as evidenced through the international Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) system or equivalent LCA system.

NZE Solutions supports walkability and bike-ability through urban design that also includes shared assets such as electric buggies, understanding the need to accommodate for the future of mobility, which will be electric, shared, and autonomous

NZE Solutions advise upon sustainable, scalable and modular waste solutions adapted to the local waste profile and climatic conditions. It aims to achieve waste reduction, upcycling and up to 100% recycling.